should your child's vision be the same as yoursIs your child’s vision similar to yours? Your child’s eyesight would change from infancy as they would be able to begin focusing and moving their eyes. When they continue to develop with their vision, their visual accuracy that would usually be measurable with a chart continues to improve for as long as five years.

Your Child’s Eye Care

Any vision issue that they would experience may not be easy to find right away. It is very important for you to bring your child to your eye doctor when they are about six months old, and then again periodically. As years go by, you should schedule an appointment when they are three years old and then again before they begin school in Kindergarten.

Vision is a part of how your child’s brain is interacting with their eyes, in a sense learning how to use them , to see everything around them. Detecting any vision problem early is very important especially because their brain is adapting to their vision issue.

Eye Health Issues

The doctor would need to find out about any eye problems that your child may have.

Some eye conditions may be:

  • eyes tear frequently
  • eyelids that have dried mucus or redness around the lid area
  • feel significant sensitivity to light
  • turn excessively or have whiteness in their pupil area
  • Your child’s vision may change also because it would not be developed until after about age five or later.

    Corrective Eye Exam For Your Child

    The eye exam will help assist you with your child’s corrective lenses, such as glasses or your child’s contact lenses giving them at about age 10 or later. For children younger than age two, glasses with plastic frames is the best choice since they may move them around at first. A school-aged child with wire frames would require hinges on them that flex out because otherwise they may break when removed or moved about. An elastic strap would help keep their glasses on, too.

    Family Eye Care Help

    You may need additional information regarding your child’s eye health with your optometrist. Also, bring any symptoms or issues that you have noticed with you and any dates for these, which may help them give you a more accurate vision assessment.

    Don’t forget to recognize Child Eye Health and Safety in August with their eye exam, or any other time of the year with Vaught Eye Associates!