Diagnosing-Treating-Cataracts-Vaught-Eye-AssociatesCataracts are a common condition affecting the eyes. Vaught Eye Associates provides testing and treatment, including pre-surgical and post-surgical care

Cataracts Overview

Cataracts is a very common condition, affecting more than 20 million people across the U.S. Cataracts are more common in individuals over age 40, yet also affects younger individuals. The older a person gets, the higher the risk of developing cataracts. Other risk factors that increase risk of cataracts includes diabetes, smoking, certain medications, hypertension, obesity and alcohol abuse.

Particularly in the early stages, you may not know that you have cataracts. You may brush off symptoms of blurred vision as too much time in front of the computer screen, television or just being tired.

The only way to know whether you have cataracts for sure is to make an appointment with your vision specialist to have a comprehensive eye exam. Vaught Eye Associates performs comprehensive eye exams for both children and adults. If you experience cataract symptoms or simply need an eye exam, the professionals at Vaught Eye Associates have expertise to diagnose cataracts and other eye health conditions.

What Are Cataracts?

When diagnosed with a cataract in one or both eyes, do not feel embarrassed to ask your eye doctor, “What is a cataract?” It is a common question.

The lens is the clear part of the eye that helps focus light or an image on the retina. In a person who does not have cataracts, the clear lens allows the retina to receive a sharp image. When an individual has cataracts, the lens is cloudy, resulting in blurred images, glare, sensitivity to light and fading of colors.

The Mayo Clinic explains that trying to see through the clouding of the lens caused by a cataract in one or both eyes is similar to trying to see through a fogged-up window.

Initially, a person with cataracts likely assumes that wearing their glasses more often or reading with a book or newspaper held closer to the eyes will help with the blurred vision. An individual with early symptoms of a cataract often does not realize that the blurred vision, difficulty driving or difficulty performing some tasks because of inability to see clearly is related to cataracts.

The University of Maryland Medical Center points out that cataracts never resolve on their own and if left untreated, can potentially cause blindness. Many people need to have cataract surgery.

Cataract Removal Surgery

Millions of people have successful cataract surgery on an annual basis. In addition to providing pre-surgical diagnosis and treatment plan evaluation, Vaught Eye Associates also provide patients with professional and individualized post-surgical care.

Cataract surgery involves removing the damaged lens and replacing it with an intraocular lens (IOL). The surgery takes less than one-hour and patients typically do very well post-op, particularly with the expertise of your Vaught Eye Associates eye doctor and staff.

Contact Vaught Eye Associates for a comprehensive eye exam, even if you do not have symptoms of cataracts.Sources:
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