Your Conway eye doctor wants to underscore the importance of observing National Diabetes Month this November. We’re right on the heels of Halloween and its assortment of sweet and tempting treats. Next comes the eagerly anticipated Thanksgiving holiday season. We associate November with Thanksgiving and all the holiday foods that people prepare for big celebratory feasts. For diabetes patients, the rich meals and desserts must be managed carefully to avoid blood sugar issues.

A Vision Exam in Conway Is of Vital Importance for Detecting Signs of Diabetes

Many people are familiar with the idea of diabetic patients periodically testing themselves to see what their blood sugar levels are like. This helps them plan their meals and to keep on top of exercise and any medication they may require for their condition. Another important tool in diabetes care is the vision exam.

If your Conway eye doctor detects damage to the tiny blood vessels in your retina, this is a sign that you are in the early stages of diabetes because of the retinopathy. A Conway optometrist can see ruptured blood vessels as well as new vessels growing on the retina, all of which can contribute to loss of vision.

Vigilance is essential when it comes to eye care. For this reason, we recommend that people with diabetes should come in for a comprehensive eye exam (with dilation) at least once each year.

Reach Out to Your Conway Eye Doctor For an Appointment During November, National Diabetes Month

Since your Conway eye doctor can detect the warning signs of diabetes during a routine vision exam, it’s essential for your health to visit the optometrist at least once a year to get checked out. For details on the eye care services we provide or to make an appointment, please contact the team at Vaught Eye Associates today.

Do you or a loved one suffer from diabetes? Let us know what steps you are taking to safeguard your eye health in the comment section.