Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment from an Optometrist Serving Conway and Myrtle Beach

When you visit an optometrist serving Conway and Myrtle Beach, you expect to learn about your eyes and the health of your eyes. An eye doctor focuses on identifying potential problems with your vision. When a test suggests you may have glaucoma or a high risk of glaucoma, identifying the treatment options provides a chance to obtain appropriate eye care.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a complex problem with your eyes that leads to vision loss or changes to your vision. Generally, it means you have excess pressure in your eyes, which results in damages to the optic nerve; however, the reasons for the pressure vary significantly and it is not always possible to prevent the condition.

The complex disease is considered the second leading cause of blindness. It is not possible to regain your vision after losing a part or all of your sight; however, it is possible to slow or stop the progression of the disease with appropriate treatment. The key is identifying the problem in an early stage to prevent further damages to your optic nerve by reducing the amount of pressure in your eyes.

Eye Care Treatment Options with your Conway Optometrists

The eye care treatment options for glaucoma depend on the severity of your loss of vision and the progress of the disease. When you catch the problem early due to visiting Vaught Eye Associates regularly for an exam, you limit the damage and start focusing on treatment solutions.

Early in the progression of the disease, we generally recommend the use of medicated eye drops. The eye drops quickly lower the pressure in your eyes. The medication moves into your system and works on alleviating the cause of the visual damages.

When eye drops do not work or you need stronger medications, an eye doctor may prescribe a pill. Inform your eye doctor about other medications to limit the risk of interactions.

Surgical solutions are generally a last resort if the condition continues to worsen. The appropriate surgical procedure depends on your specific needs, so we recommend a treatment based on the cause of your glaucoma.

After being diagnosed with glaucoma, an optometrist serving Conway and Myrtle Beach offers the appropriate solutions to help with your situation. We recommend you take appropriate medications or using eye drops as recommended by an eye doctor.

If you need more invasive treatments, then follow the suggestions and advice provided when caring for your eyes and eye health. You may need to rest after certain surgical procedures, so follow through as directed by professionals to limit the risks to your eyes. At our clinic, we recommend regular visits after a surgical procedure to keep track of your eyes while you heal.
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