Emergency Eye TreatmentWe know that emergencies cannot be scheduled or planned for. We are here if you have an eye emergency and need immediate care. Call our office with your problem and we will fit you in quickly. If your emergency is life-threatening, please seek emergency medical help by calling 911 or going to your nearest ER.

Vaught Eye Associates is the number one place for an excellent family optometrist in Conway, SC. We take care of all your eye needs in one location, including routine exams, Lasik care and emergency services.

Foreign Object Removal

One of the most uncomfortable and harmful things for your eyes to experience is getting a large particle or object stuck in your eye tissue. The natural blinking and watering of your eyes will rinse most objects (such as dust or dirt) out, but occasionally there is something too big or too sharp to be washed out easily. A foreign particle can scratch your eye or eyelid, causing increasing pain, severe headaches and hampered vision.

A foreign object that lands on your eye cannot get lost behind the eyeball, but it can cause scratching. We encourage you to stop in if you have extreme tearing (cannot stop an eye from watering), redness or bloodshot eyes, pain when looking at light or general eye pain.

Pink Eye and Other Eye Infections

If you need help containing a bacterial infection in the eye (or “pink eye”), contact us right away. Some infections are very harmful to your eyes and need treatment to clear up. Eye infections are often very contagious until treated, making it important to wash your hands and come get treatment as soon as possible. There are many bacteria, fungi or viruses that can affect your eyes, causing redness, irritation, extra eye mucus, pain, discharge, swelling and impaired vision. We will typically provide you with the right treatment (eye drops or ointment) and help you get glasses if you need something until the infection clears.

Eye Trauma

From soap or chemicals in the eye to blunt force injuries, we know your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. If you have had an accident, come see us to get a full diagnosis and help with immediate treatment. For injuries that are more severe (sharp objects sticking out of the eye, heavy bleeding, other injuries sustained, etc.), please visit the ER or call for an ambulance.

Lost or Broken Glasses

It may not be a dangerous or threatening emergency, but it is difficult to go about everyday life if you cannot see! We will fit you in as quickly as possible to get your glasses or contacts replaced so you can get back to normal life.

Eye “Floaters”

Many people have eye floaters caused by small flecks of collagen that are not overly problematic and can be ignored. However, eye floaters might be a sign of something serious, such as retinal detachment, retinal tearing or bleeding within the eye. Without treatment, a serious condition like this could lead to permanent vision loss. This condition should be checked out immediately by an eye doctor and is considered an eye emergency if the floaters are accompanied by flashes of light or a loss of peripheral (side) vision.