Foreign Object Removal

Foreign Body Removal With Your Eye Doctor in Conway

Your eye doctor in Conway understands that few physical afflictions can cause more pain, annoyance or even downright panic than having something stubbornly lodged in your eye. Foreign bodies can land on the eye (and in some cases even penetrate the eye) for a variety of reasons, and they can do considerable damage unless they’re removed in a timely manner by a skilled professional. If you’re experiencing this kind of acute misery, rest assured that your eye doctor in Conway can administer emergency eye care to remove that troublesome object so your eye can heal and your vision can return to normal.

Dangers to Your Vision & Ocular Health

A foreign body can come all kinds of forms, from an ordinary grain of dust or bit of dried mucous to a shard of glass or metal. The foreign body may sit visibly on the white of the eye, or it may get stuck to the inside of the upper or lower eyelid. Whether you can remove the source of your distress or not, its effects will be evident enough. Symptoms of a foreign body in the eye include:

  • Pain or pressure in the eye or eyelid
  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • An itchy feeling when you blink
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Eye watering and/or redness

While most foreign bodies simply rest on the surface of the eye, objects propelled with sufficient force may actually penetrate the eye itself. This intraocular foreign body may cause bleeding or fluid discharge from the eye. But any kind of foreign body can lead to serious inflammation and corneal abrasion if it remains in the eye for too long. Even so, trying to remove a foreign body yourself can create even more damage, so if your eye’s unwanted visitor fails to come out on its own volition after a couple of hours, it’s time to seek emergency eye care.

Emergency Eye Care Serving Myrtle Beach and Conway

We’re happy to provide emergency eye care serving Myrtle Beach and Conway, including foreign body removal. If you’re struggling with this problem, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can fit you into our day. Our eye doctor in Conway will examine the afflicted eye to locate the foreign body; if it’s hiding behind the eyelid, we can safely flip the eyelid inside out to find it. Many foreign bodies wash out surprisingly easily with water or with a gentle wiping. If yours resists these methods, we may need to numb your eye with anesthetic eye drops and then use a fine tool to extract the foreign body. You may also receive a prescription for antibiotics if your cornea shows signs of abrasion. Especially severe situations, such as a piece of glass that has penetrated the eye, may call for a referral to an eye surgeon.

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