Environmental Optometry Services

Your Conway Eye Doctor Offers Environmental Optometry Services

Environmental optometry involves an optometrist prescribing eyewear designed to correct vision problems and protect the eyes at the same time. Improving job or athletic performance, preventing eye injuries and ensuring eyewear fits securely and comfortably are the primary goals of your Conway eye doctor. In addition, optometrists specializing in environmental optometry have in-depth understanding regarding vision issues/disorders that may affect visual performance as well as how specific environments impact a person’s performance. With eye injuries and ocular trauma representing two of the leading causes of monocular (one eye) blindness in the U.S., it is vital that the eyeglasses you wear while at work or participating in athletics contribute wholly to your eye safety and vision optimization.

Advantages to Wearing Sports Eyeglasses

Regular prescription glasses or safety glasses do not provide enough protection for physically active individuals engaging in contact sports. Sports eyeglasses (sometimes called sports “goggles”) are made to fit under helmets and incorporate impact-resistant, scratch-resistant durable lenses coated with UV protecting materials. Additionally, sports eyeglass frames are constructed of either a polycarbonate compound or strong, impact-resistant plastic cushioned at contact points, such as the bridge of the nose and ears. For people who like to sail, hang-glide or bike, your Conway eye doctor may recommend contoured or “wrap-around” sports eyeglasses that help shield your eyes from dust, wind and water spray.

Prescription Safety Eyeglasses

Even when wearing safety eyeglasses is not mandated in work environments, people who need to wear corrective lenses should consider visiting their optometrist for a vision exam and a new pair of prescription safety eyeglasses. The top two reasons why workers suffer on-the-job eye injuries is because they are not wearing safety eyeglasses or they are wearing the wrong type of safety eyewear for their job. If you work somewhere that mandates wearing safety glasses, consider getting prescription safety glasses so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and discomfort of wearing safety goggles over your regular glasses.

Eye Care and Prescription Sunglasses

Not only do prescription sunglasses offer excellent protection against UV radiation but they also improve your vision while driving, help reduce eyestrain and stop tearing and redness due to bright sunshine. Sunglasses also prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes and eyelid skin by absorbing non-UV wavelengths and reflecting UV wavelengths. In addition, lenses block all sunlight while absorbing potentially dangerous wavelengths existing within the electromagnetic spectrum.

Cataract development may be attributed to consistently exposing your eyes to sunlight. Proteins composing the lenses of your eyes are arranged precisely to allow light to pass through them. Doctors think that UV radiation damages these proteins, making them clump together to eventually form cataracts.

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