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Annual eye exams are one of the most important and effective strategies in any eye care program. Our Conway optometrists can examine the inside of the eye for structural changes that might indicate injury or disease. The earlier these conditions are detected via eye exams, the more effectively they can be treated. Our Conway eye doctors also tests your vision to see whether you require corrective lenses. If you do, rest assured that our wide assortment of lenses and designer frames offer fashionable choices at affordable prices. If you prefer contacts to eyeglasses, we offer a variety lens types and options to choose from.

Eye Exams, UV Protection and Other Helpful Tips

The easiest way to cope with diseases of the eye is to take whatever steps you can to prevent their occurrence. Preventative eye care can help you steer clear of cataracts, eyestrain and irritation, and regular eye exams from our Conway eye doctors at Vaught Eye Associates play an important role in this type of preventative wellness.

The human eye is exposed to a variety of potential dangers even during the most mundane tasks, and recognizing these dangers is the first step toward practicing smart preventative eye care in your everyday life. Ultraviolet light, for example, is a normal energy wavelength in the sun’s rays. This form of radiation is well known for causing suntans (as well as burns), but it can also damage the eyes over time. While most of us know not to gaze directly at the sun, even the most indirect sunlight can expose the eyes to UV rays, and many people are exposed to harmful light by working outdoor jobs, working with acetylene torches as welders, or working with medical imaging technology. Eventually these UV rays can damage the retina, a critical part of the eye that captures light and relays images to the brain. They can also to the formation of a cataract, a milky-white hardening of the cornea that obscures vision.

Eyeglasses treated with UV protection and/or sunglasses designed to prevent UV rays from reaching the eye can provide significant protection against these types of eye damage. Our optometrist can help you select the right kind of eye protection.

Eye strain is another common challenge to eye care, especially since so many of us spend countless hours staring at computer monitors. This activity typically encourages the eye to blink less frequently; when we don’t blink, we deprive our eyes of much-needed moisture. This causes dryness, redness and irritation. Our eye care team can recommend eye drops to help you keep your eyes feeling and looking healthy as you work. You may also benefit from eyeglasses that reduce screen glare or magnify text to free your eyes from work-related strain.

Always remember to schedule your eye exams like clockwork, so we can make incremental adjustments to your prescription as needed. Contact our optometry professionals today to schedule your first appointment!