LASIK: Before and After Treatment

LASIK: The Before and After Treatment in Conway

Our Vaught Eye Associates team is here to help when making the decision to seek LASIK treatment. We’ve got you covered when it comes to pre and post-operative LASIK treatment. Depending on your current vision and the recommendations of an eye doctor, the way that you prepare and heal after the treatment will vary slightly; however, our optometrist in Conway and Myrtle Beach can help you determine if LASIK is appropriate for your goals.

Preparing for LASIK

Before going through a LASIK treatment, our team at Vaught Eye Associates will provide a thorough eye exam and make sure that you are a good candidate for the surgical treatment. We recommend that you stop wearing your contact lenses for two to four weeks before the exam. Our recommendations for your specific contact lenses will depend on the type of lenses you wear. Opt for glasses to prevent the contacts from altering the shape of your cornea and reducing the impact of the LASIK treatment.

Do not use any creams or perfumes the day before or the day of the surgery. You do not want any materials to interfere or distract from the procedure. We will make sure that you have the information your need for the surgery and that you are fully aware of any risks associated with the treatment so that you can make an educated decision about the procedure and your personal goals.

After Treatment Care

Within 24 to 48 hours after the surgery, you will visit our clinic for the first post-operation exam. At that time, we test your vision and examine your eyes. If necessary, we recommend eye drops to help with dry eyes and to prevent infection during the recovery process.

As a general rule, we recommend that you do not play sports for about three days after the surgery and that you avoid contact sports for a few extra days. We also recommend that you do not use lotions or creams near your eyes for about two weeks.

During the first year, we suggest that you visit every month or two so that we can watch the progress of your recovery and ensure that your vision improves. Our specific recommendations depend on your first visits and the initial healing process, so we make personalized follow-up recommendations.

Long-Term Evaluations

Your post-operation treatment does not stop after only a few days. It takes time for your eyes to fully recover. We want to watch the recovery process and provide suggestions for the long-term health of your eyes over time. After the initial healing process, you want to see an eye doctor at least once every few months to ensure that your eyes heal properly.

LASIK surgery provides the opportunity to improve your vision, but you need to prepare for the treatment by discussing your options with an optometrist before getting the treatment. We ensure that you take appropriate steps to prepare and we help with the recovery process after the surgery.

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