Children and Computer VisionChildren are bombarded with pictures on electronic screens from the very first weeks of their lives. Advertisers and networks have created television shows aimed at pre-verbal children. Kids are proficient at using a computer before reaching kindergarten age. Manufacturers around the world are creating tablets and smart phones designed exclusively for children to use. Extended daily screen use is a fact of life for many children, and it’s damaging them in a number of different ways.

Studies have shown that the more hours that children spend in front of screens, the harder time they have being sociable in real life. Screen usage actually promotes children being loners and makes it harder for them to make friends. Time and again it’s been shown that children who spend the best part of their leisure time watching television do worse in school than those who read or play outside. The worst consequence of all, possibly, is the way that watching screens for hours on end affects children’s eyes and their eyesight.

Optometrist in Conway Advises on Computer Vision Syndrome

All screens, whether on a television, a computer or a handheld device such as a smart phone or tablet, give off rays in the ultraviolet end of the spectrum. These rays are known as blue light rays. In small amounts these rays aren’t harmful, but when the eyes are exposed to blue light for hours on end, serious damage to the eyesight can occur. As any eye doctor on our staff can tell you, the eyes aren’t meant to look at light for hours on end. The reason we flinch when bright lights are shined in our eyes is a reaction designed to protect our eyesight. Purposely staring into a light source is providing long-term damage to your eyes.

Blue light, in large doses, has been shown to damage retinas, which can compromise the eyesight. It’s impossible to completely eliminate blue light sources in your life; LED lights emit these rays as well as most other screens used in your home. While you can’t get rid of the source of the problem, you can protect your child’s eyes from being damaged by it. That’s where our optometrist team comes in.

Our doctors can prescribe eyeglasses that block out blue light rays, eliminating the problem of computer vision syndrome in young children. This special coating can be added to any new pair of eyeglasses, and can even be used in clear lens glasses as special computer glasses to be used when children face a screen for any length of time.

Give our office a call. We’re serving Conway and Myrtle Beach patients and will make an appointment that works with your busy schedule. Your child’s eyesight is crucial for his schoolwork and general health. Make an appointment for an eye exam today to talk about computer vision syndrome and blue light eyeglasses for your kids.