why should patients visit the eye doctorUnlike other fields such as general medicine and dentistry, some people don’t grow up going to the eye doctor on a regular basis. While most people know friends who had to visit the eye doctor for various reasons ranging from contacts to glasses and everything in between, some people are reluctant to go to the eye doctor.

Perhaps this is because they are unsure of why they should go. Other people are afraid of what an eye doctor does. In reality, visiting the eye doctor on a regular basis is important because the eyes are a vital part of people’s quality of life. Without proper vision, people would struggle to do many of the activities that they know and love. There are actually many reasons why someone should visit the eye doctor.

Eye Doctors Can Improve Vision

When people start to notice that they are having trouble seeing, they may be reluctant to admit this at first. This is because by visiting the eye doctor, they need to admit that something is wrong with their sight; however, this is no reason to be nervous because many people need contacts and glasses.

Eye doctors can run a few simple tests and perform a handful of physical exam maneuvers to find the right glasses or contacts to help people improve their vision. With the ability to see clearly, people will exit the office with renewed confidence in their ability to identify obstacles, tackle challenges, and face the day with renewed vigor.

Eye Doctors Can Catch Problems Before they Cause Symptoms

Visiting the eye doctor on a regular basis can give people the ability to do something about problems impacting their eyes before they start to balloon. For example, people who have visited the eye doctor in the past may remember an exam maneuver involving a pen light being placed near the eyeball.

This pen light is actually measuring the pressure behind the globes of the eyes. This is used to identify a very serious medical condition called glaucoma. If this is detected, people will need to receive treatment in order to save their vision. This exam is important because the condition can develop without people knowing. The eye doctor checks for this at every visit.

Eye Doctors Are Available for Emergencies

People should also know that there are ocular emergencies that could also require the attention of an eye doctor. Like medical doctors, someone from an optometry practice is always on call and able to assist patients in the event of an emergency. If the problem is more serious, they can always refer their patients to the appropriate healthcare provider. If people start to experience a sudden pain, loss of vision, or other serious ocular condition, they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced provider.

In the end, these are only a couple of the many different reasons people should visit the eye doctor. Sight is a vital component of everyone’s quality of life and deserves to be protected using the most advanced medical knowledge available. Don’t be afraid to reach out to an eye doctor for any vision concerns.