If you get headaches or fatigue after working at a computer all day, you may have computer vision syndrome. Our Conway eye doctor can pass on eye care tips to help you prevent computer-related eye strain.

Computer Vision Syndrome Explained By Your Conway Eye Doctor

Computer vision syndrome is a form of eye strain that occurs when you spend several hours working in front of a computer or staring at a smartphone. Estimates show up to 90 percent of Americans suffer from this condition.

In addition to eye strain, symptoms of computer vision syndrome include neck tension, tiredness, blurred vision, frequent headaches, dry eyes, and red eyes.

Since the average American worker cannot spend less time in front of the computer, the best eye care solution involves ergonomic care and eyeglasses that protect the eyes. Our Conway eye doctor can help you feel better.

Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention Tips From Our Optometrist

If your workstation is not set up properly, your risk of computer vision syndrome increases. By setting up your workstation ergonomically, you can reduce eye strain. We’ll walk you through the specific steps to take to create the ideal workstation. We’ll also remind you to take breaks and walk around or look at objects far across the room, to give your eyes a break.

Once you’ve set up your workstation correctly, invest in light blocking glasses even if you don’t need vision correction. Blue light blocking lenses reduce the glare from your computer screen and prevent your eyes from drying out.

Finally, we will remind you of factors that contribute to computer vision syndrome and how you can naturally decrease eye strain. When you work in front of the computer all day long, you blink less often than you normally would. This reduced blinking rate dries out your eyes, causing fatigue.

By rethinking your work environment, wearing blue light blocking eyeglasses, and following our eye care tips, you can reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

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