Contact Lens Exam & Fitting

Conway Contact Lens Exam & Fitting

If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, contact lenses are a popular vision correction option and alternative to eyeglasses. Our optometrist in Conway fits patients for standard contact lenses and hard-to-fit lenses. We have experience fitting patients with conditions like astigmatism that may require special toric lenses. Our eye doctor also fits gas permeable contacts, known as GP lenses, for patients with mild to moderate keratoconus. Whether you currently wear contacts or are interested in trying them for a first time, a contact lens exam is a critical step to ensuring you have the right prescription for your vision needs.

What to Expect From a Contact Lens Exam with Our Optometrist in Conway

During a contact lens exam, our optometrist in Conway will conduct a comprehensive vision test to assess your eye health and confirm the correct prescription for correcting refractive errors. One of the most important parts of a contact lens exam is the cornea measurement. This measurement is taken using an instrument known as a keratometer, which measures the curvature of your cornea (the eye’s clear surface). Since a keratometer can only measure a small portion of the cornea, additional measurements using computerized corneal topography may also be necessary. These measurements give our optometrist extremely detailed information about the surface of the entire cornea. They are especially important if you have a condition like astigmatism where your cornea is uneven and may necessitate the use of special toric shaped lenses.

After the cornea is measure, our eye doctor will measure the pupil and iris. The exact size of the pupil and iris is important for correctly fitting contact lenses. In some cases we may also test for dry eyes and the body’s ability to produce tears. If you have dry eyes, then you may need contacts specially designed for dry eyes, such as those made from silicone hydrogel, in order to avoid irritating your eyes.

At the end of the exam, first-time contact lens wearers may wear trial lenses for a few minutes for our optometrist to evaluate the fit. We will look at how the lens moves and aligns with the eye when it rests upon the surface. If you are being fitted for contacts for the first time, you may need several follow-up visits to ensure the correct prescription and proper fit, especially if you wear hard-to-fit lenses.

Once we’ve confirmed that your prescription is correct, you’ll need an annual follow-up exam. During your follow-up visit, we may stain the eyes with fluorescein to check for damage to the eye’s surface; the purpose of this test is to ensure your current lenses are not damaging your eye. Additionally, since vision can change over the course of a year, this annual exam is an important opportunity to ensure your current prescription is providing effective vision correction. Our goal is to help you see clearly for years to come!

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