Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass Lenses in Conway

At Vaught Eye Associates in Conway, we want your eyewear to improve your vision while protecting your eyes and preventing complications. If you need specialty lenses for a vision condition or want extra protection from scratches or UV damage, just ask our eye doctors about your eyewear options.

Our Conway optometry team knows that eyewear is an important part of your eye care regimen. If you have refractive errors, dry eyes, or any other condition that affects your eye health, we will work hard to customize a pair of eyeglasses with the exact lenses you need. We also customize tinted lenses and sunglass lenses with and without prescriptions, reducing every patient’s risk of future vision loss or eye damage.

Polarized Lenses in Conway

Polarization technology isn’t limited to designer sunglasses, though we do offer lenses for sunglasses too. It’s actually a lens technology that helps people minimize the risks of eye conditions and protect their eyes from strain, glare, and damaging light sources. Blue light blocking technology

Our eye doctors in Conway will help you decide the right level of polarization for your eyes, as well as the custom prescription you need to correct your vision. We will fit your eyeglass frames with tinted, polarized lenses that block light in specific directions and sharpen your surroundings every time you step outdoors.

Transitions Lenses

Don’t want to carry separate pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses? Transition lenses are eyeglass lenses that darken in bright lighting conditions and become more transparent for visibility in low lighting. These adaptive lenses do all the work for you, adjusting the amount of light your eyes take in and protecting them from the shock of strain or sudden bright glares.

Progressive Lenses

Bifocal lenses have existed for centuries, providing two different prescriptions for people who need to read faraway signs and close-up text alike. These lenses often have divisions down the middle for each prescription, allowing the wearer to look up or down for different vision correction options. However, progressive eyeglasses have lenses that are truly multifocal, combining interlocking regions that gradually change in prescription.

Instead of wearing a separate pair of reading glasses – or dealing with a clear line down the middle of your lenses – you may choose progressive lenses that offer a more seamless transition. When you opt for progressive multifocal lenses, you get just that: a progressive version of vision correction. Look up to see across the room, look ahead to see nearby objects and screens, and look down to see what you’re reading.

Scratch Resistant Eyeglass Lenses

You depend on your lenses to see clearly and focus correctly, and tiny scratches may seriously interfere with your focus. It’s important to invest in lenses that resist scratches and scrapes, especially if you lead an active lifestyle or encounter severe weather. Fortunately, we have a variety of scratch resistant eyeglass lenses in our Conway optometrist office.

Ask your eye doctor about scratch resistant lenses and other options for your lifestyle at Vaught Eye Associates.