Sport and Safety Glasses

Sport & Safety Glasses at Vaught Eye Associates: Your Eye Doctors in Conway

Protecting your eyes and your vision are our primary goals at Vaught Eye Associates. When you come in to see our experienced team, we want to know how we can help you protect your vision. Our eye doctors in Conway can often offer solutions to give you the best possible vision and to protect that vision from the activities you engage in on a daily basis. That’s why we offer a full line of sport and safety glasses.

See Your Optometrists for an Exam

The first step is to schedule an eye exam with your optometrists. We’ll perform several steps to understand the quality of your vision. If necessary, we’ll update your current prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. We may recommend additional treatments as well. As a part of your eye exam, we’ll also check the structures of your eyes to ensure they are healthy. During your exam, let us know the types of activities you engage in both at home and at work. We may be able to offer more advanced solutions for your individual needs.

Safety and Sports Glasses

Wearing sport glasses or safety glasses is nearly always recommended for anyone who has vision complications or limitations. Most people who engage in sports or environments where there is a risk that your vision could be at risk, such as from a falling object or being poked in the eye, should wear this type of protection. For those who need prescription glasses, though, it is best to turn to our products. These sports and safety glasses have lenses with your prescription built in. That ensures you maintain all of the control and movement you need without having to limit your quality of vision.

We offer a wide selection of safety and sport glasses. These products may be able to help you with their various benefits including:

  • Wrap around frames that stay in place even when you are bending, twisting, and moving quickly.
  • ​Durable, high resistance lenses that are not likely to break or become scratched.
  • Products designed for high-risk environments, such as high heat areas.
  • Prescription goggles offer the highest level of flexibility in movement while being customized to match your prescription needs.
  • Prescription sunglasses which can help you to perform on the field or outdoors without any limitation to your vision.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Eye Doctors in Conway

Are you or your child participating in a sport? Perhaps you are in need of customized protection at work. Come in to speak with your eye doctors in Conway about the types of safety eyeglasses that may help you. We offer a wide range of name brand products that can give you the style and look you want with all of the protection you need.

To learn more about our sport and safety glasses, schedule a consultation with your eye doctors today! Call: 843-488-2020. We look forward to meeting with you!